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Globytes - Profile

Globytes was founded in the year 1999 by a team of IT professionals who recognized the need for large and medium scale enterprises’ increased focus on their core business, by entrusting their non-core IT services to expertise Managed Services organization.

Within few years since establishment, Globytes has built up the reputation as a professional and dedicated Managed Services organization, with their established Monitoring facility and Database Operations Center based in Bangalore, India with Management presence in the US and U.A.E.

Globytes comprises a team of IT experts who believe in business ethics and committed to fast and efficient delivery of professional service to their valued clientele.


The objective of Globytes is to assist large and medium scale enterprises businesses by providing Managed Services and Support their IT needs, therein help them focus on their core business.

Skill set

Globytes comprises a team of qualified IT experts. Professional qualifications, together with global market exposure have furnished our resources with the essential skill set to understand our client’s needs and respond them in a dynamic manner. Also, our global expertise provides the essentials required to control projects in a very efficient and professional manner. We place a great deal of importance on the following professional attributes:

  • Business ethics
  • Customer values
  • Technical expertise
  • Security
  • Project Management / Commitment to completion on time and within budget
  • Presentation and communication skills

These attributes together with technical certification conforming to global accreditation standards ensure that Globytes maintain the highest skill levels of our professional staff.

Globytes successfully endeavors to recruit professionals who meet the above criteria, and provides necessary training to maintain a high business standard, with an emphasis on long-term client and employee retention. We believe very strongly that customer loyalty, customer focus and customer satisfaction can be successfully achieved only through this process of selection, development and retention of staff.

The Future

Conventional business methods are being phased out as committed focus on the core business is seen as the key success factor for any business. It is thus imperative that the faster a business process is attuned to the current trends, greater the competitive advantage. Globytes' vision is to provide professional support and act as a Business partner to such enterprises, thereby helping them successfully achieve their business profitability.