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Globytes, The Clear Choice

Globytes is a service organization, operating globally to serve Client and Partners need efficiently and cost effectively. Globytes has presence in USA, India and UAE.

Benefits of Outsourcing to India

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Market agility
  • Qualified technical resources available in abundance
  • No Language barrier - English is a part of educational curriculum all over India
  • Sophisticated technical infrastructure.
  • Added value due to the time difference between US and India. The best people are awake in India, when US is asleep

Why Globytes is the Clear Choice?

  • Globytes is committed and focused on 24x7 Managed Services, unlike the regular outsourcing companies
  • Majority of the outsourcing companies focus on the software development part only. Once the software is delivered, it is the client’s responsibility to manage the software and hardware
  • Globytes strength lies in our flexibility and adaptability of our services to precisely fit each client's unique needs
  • Partnership with Globytes will strengthen its services portfolio to a complete life cycle management of software development, thereby helping Partner maintain continuous rapport with its clients
  • We are dedicated with client centric approach
  • Globytes technical resources become familiar with the clients' systems that they become a valuable extension of client’s IT services
  • We ensure that a dedicated Technical Manager and Technical Coordinators are assigned to each client. These talented staff work closely with the client
    • to identify clients’ needs
    • understand and help deliver the clients’ goals
    • help client see areas where Globytes would add additional values
    • Make sure to keep Clients in informed of any future development needs of the client, thus generating Leads for their sales process
  • We give utmost attention to client and partner’s data, their network and their security with carefully created security policy. Our security certified engineers handle client and partner’s security needs and make sure to go above their expectations
  • Currently expanding services to come up with Customer Portal with trend analysis

Client Support Model:

Managed services of Globytes are performed from Bangalore India, Operating 24x7 with 3 shifts a day and multiple technical staff at any point of time.

Technical Monitoring and Support

  • Application monitoring
  • Database monitoring
  • Batch processes monitoring
  • First level trouble shooting
  • Code migrations
  • Wide range of technology
    • Unix
    • NT
    • Oracle
    • Java
    • Adaptable to any new technology

Globytes Security

  • Well established security policy and procedures enforced
  • Firewall security
  • Secured remote and local logging into internal servers
  • Logging of server and network activities
  • Password policies and restricted access to individuals
  • External connections are through SSH or IPSec protocols
  • Procedural server configuration and scheduled virus updates of servers and desktops
  • Internet security and restricted internet access
  • Frequent auditing and review

Business Partnership


  • Another value added service by the Partner through Globytes
  • Partnership with Globytes will strengthen its services portfolio to a complete life cycle management of software development, thereby helping Partner maintain continuous rapport with its clients
  • Optimized cost of service means increased probability for business success
  • Little or no overhead for the Partner

Partnership options:

  • Co branded
    • Partner sells as their own services
    • Bills client directly
    • Pays Globytes Fixed rate or Percentage of charges
  • Partnered Solutions
    • Partner and Globytes sell a joint solution
    • Partner provides development and Globytes providing Managed services
    • Bill together or separately
  • Lead Generation
    • Partner recommends and introduces Globytes to its customers
    • Globytes sell the service
    • Globytes bills the client
    • Globytes pays Partner percentage of 1st year contract

With any of the above options, Globytes will feedback development needs of customers to the Partner during the dedicated Managed Services to client.