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Business Solutions

Globytes assigns utmost importance to their professional staff and recognize them as their most valuable asset. Consequently, a well-qualified and experienced team of professionals who possess global expertise in Managed Services is in place currently meeting the needs of our satisfied clientele.

Monitoring Services

Globytes is specialized in providing 24 x 7 x 365 coverage of monitoring services and notification of Client’s systems. We have a Data center facility in Bangalore, India with 24 hours high speed Internet connection and powerful UPS/Generator dedicated for the round the clock remote administration and monitoring critical problems will be notified to Clients via Mobile phone to the escalation list (on-call representatives) provided with monitoring requirement documentations.

All non-critical problems (or) issues (as identified in the monitoring requirement), depending on the nature, would be fixed (or) re-run (or) any troubleshooting required would be done and the details would be notified by email to the Clients.

Globytes provides a combination of software based and manual based monitoring. We truly recognize the likelihood of failure with only software based monitoring, as software will inherently have bugs. Hence, Globytes employs competent professionals to closely monitor and capture those failures that the software will miss.

Globytes has invested in high-speed Internet connections as well as PC based workstations. Also a test server is implemented, wherein we deploy and test the software based monitoring scripts. For connectivity to Client’s Server, Globytes uses a Virtual Private Network via the Internet. The Client will provide the monitoring software.

Globytes is planning to partner with a software vendor in the near future, so we can focus on one type of deployment. Communications between the Network Operations Center and the clients will be primarily via email and Internet (chat). Critical issues will be communicated via phone through the escalation list provided by the client.

Globytes will also provide system administration and operations support, as required by our Clients. This will include Unix and NT administration such as file system maintenance. It will also include database administration such as archive log maintenance. Our primary focus will be on Unix and Oracle. If the application is mature enough and the Client provides sufficient documentation, we may also provide application support.

The system monitoring industry is full of software only based solutions. Some of the software based monitoring companies offers consulting service to set up to assist clients in set up. However, no companies offer a combination of software and manual based monitoring solutions. The number of companies with systems that require 24 x 7 up time has been growing rapidly through out the world. Along with the growth has come pressure for these companies to reduce the cost of operations.

Globytes with their expertise in Managed Services is ideally positioned to be a true business partner to such Organization and help improve their Business profitability.