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Brain O Brain

DBA Services

Globytes Database Operations Center in Bangalore, India provides scalable, comprehensive and effective database administration services on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis for Oracle, My SQL and MS SQL Server. We perform all the functions of a full-time DBA and far beyond, enabling our Clients to achieve their financial, operational, and staffing goals.

Globytes effectively monitors our Client’s databases and initiates the technical measures that ensure nonstop availability and peak performance. From space management, backup/recovery, and performance tuning to capacity planning, warning analysis, and integrity checks, we perform all aspects of database administration.

Add Globytes to your IT outsourcing strategy and check database administration challenges off your list.

Today, more than ever, our Clients need to do more with less in their IT department where database administration challenges abound. Globytes removes database hindrances, enabling our Clients to do what they do best.

  • Unexpected Downtime
  • Sluggish Performance
  • Reliance on Contractors
  • Off-hours Support
  • Legacy Systems Support
  • 24x365 Applications Support
  • Distributed Systems Support
  • DBA Skill Deficiencies
  • New Version Updates
  • DBA Recruiting, Training
  • DBA Sicktime, Vacations