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Brain O Brain

Work Approach

Globytes provides services and monitoring of our Client’s enterprise database environment. Globytes has defined procedures on Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. This is to ensure that our clients are always receiving the highest level of service available in the industry today, and that their systems are always running at peak efficiency.

Globytes typical service activities include:

Daily Procedures

    • Check alert log for errors
    • Verify success of backups for every day
    • Tablespace checking for every 8 hours
    • Checking the Server file system capacities
    • Verify tablespace, rollback segments, and extents
    • Check on any identified issues and continue to resolve
    • Monitoring all jobs related to productions like:
      • Standby database checking
      • Daily report checking
      • Regular Internal jobs
    • Rebooting web servers
    • Reports to the client
      • Hourly
      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
  • Weekly Procedures
    • Look for issues with objects, extents and fragmentation
    • Check constraints and primary keys
    • Check indexes for fragmentation
    • Look for security policy violations
      • Check for unauthorized users
      • Check for unauthorized user permissions
      • Check for unauthorized database links
    • Verify schema consistency between test, development and production
    • Look at database logs for errors

  • Monthly Procedures
    • Project performance based upon identified trends (CPU, memory, disc)
    • Tune performance based upon historical system trends
    • Review applications performance with customer
    • Review customer’s project status and progress
    • Perform physical storage and memory capacity planning
    • Review all methods for monitoring and maintenance of systems